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Installation PowerShell Core and PowerCLI 10 on Debian or Ubuntu

April 24th, 2018
Installation PowerShell Core and PowerCLI 10 on Debian or UbuntuSome of you know that already, but the latest PowerCLI 10 release works very nice with PowerShell Core that can be installed on Linux.That is an amazing step forward to simplify reporting and automation without the requirement of a running Microsoft Windows system – means, no Read more…

Install and monitor Photon OS, Kubernetes on vSphere

April 17th, 2018
Running container on top of VMware vSphere is a hot topic in a modern development environment. Kubernetes to manage the container cluster and the container applications is highly popular and effective. The following blog post covers the installation and monitoring of Photon OS, Kubernetes on vSphere (using Kubernetes Anywhere) to manage Container and applications in a Read more…

Release – Opvizor Performance Analyzer version 4.6

December 13th, 2017
Release – Performance Analyzer version 4.6We’re thrilled to announce the new release 4.6 of our extremely popular Performance Analyzer product  to run, plan and monitor your virtual environment and much more. As always we spent time on simplifying look & feel, fixed some bugs and added lots of new metrics to extend our dashboards.Enabling HTTPS Read more…

VCSA 6.5 reset root password

October 12th, 2017
VCSA 6.5 reset root passwordIt’s always a very annoying situation when you can’t login into a system anymore because you either don’t know the root password anymore or the system is not able to log you in. The latter can happen if the root mountpoint of the VCSA 6.5 appliance filled up.As VCSA (vCenter Server Read more…

Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Integration

October 10th, 2017
Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager IntegrationWe received lately more and more customer feedback to support Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager within our Performance Analyzer product. Today we’re happy to announce support for Veeam B&R connecting to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.The integration is agent-less and our virtual appliance connects to Enterprise Manager using the public API interface. You Read more…

Performance Analyzer: Monitor VMware vSphere VCSA 6.5 Appliance

October 05th, 2017
Performance Analyzer: Monitor VMware vSphere VCSA 6.5 ApplianceYour VMware vCenter Server Appliance or VCSA (or appliances) is the key management component for your VMware environment. You always want be on top of the performance and the disk space utilization of this appliance, as you don’t want to lose the vCenter capabilities due to a filled Read more…

New release – Opvizor Performance Analyzer 4.4

September 13th, 2017
New release – Performance Analyzer 4.4Opvizor released version 4.4 of its Performance Analyzer product for VMware vSphere environments, NetApp and DataCore storage and Guest OS as well as applications today, which is a major step towards even better ease of use and simplicity. We’re proud that Performance Analyzer is considered the most easy to use monitoring Read more…

VMworld Session – Opvizor contributes OpBot to the community

September 05th, 2017
Thanks Alan for the great presentation and showing the OpBot PowerCLI integration at VMworld!We received a couple of questions since then and here are the answers:Where can I get my license – just register here and download the appliance and follow the guidelineIs just the 30 day trial free? NO, you really get a free Read more…

Download URLs for VMware vSphere Client

August 31st, 2017
Download URLs for VMware vSphere ClientAs the Microsoft Windows VMware vSphere Client is not part of the installations anymore starting VMware vSphere 6.5, you might ask yourself where to get that installer.Still today the majority of people still uses the Windows vSphere client and is pretty happy with it for many tasks. Therefore, you should Read more…

Get the Client Integration Plug-In running in vSphere Web Client 6.x

July 11th, 2017
Get the Client Integration Plug-In running in vSphere Web Client 6.xThe headline of this blog post might sound simple, but it can be extremely annoying to get the Client Integration Plug-in running to import virtual appliances.No matter if you use IE, Chrome or Firefox you can find yourself surrounded with error messages and information that Read more…

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