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Analyze Past and Present in minutes to be ready for the Future.

Performance AnalyzerTM

Get real-time insights into datacenter and application performance
  • Application Visibility
  • Rapid Resolution
  • Proactive Tuning
  • Full Stack View
Key benefits:
  • Turnkey solution
  • Ease of Use
  • Proactive vs Reactive
  • Reduced Downtime and better SLAs

OpBot for vSphereTM

Your virtual assistant for VMware vSphere, that puts you in control from anywhere, even your mobile.
  • Any place, any device
  • Fast and intuitive usage
  • Use secure channels and audit logs
  • no client installation needed
Key benefits:
  • Get VM and ESXi details in a heartbeat
  • Troubleshoot important systems from anywhere
  • Use simple and powerful filter
  • Check logs and events in a second
Get your new vSphere interface


Check your VMware VM Snapshots in minutes and fix broken ones
  • VM Snapshot Visibility
  • Datastore Space Savings
  • Detect invisible Snapshots
  • Fix Zombie Snapshots
Key benefits:
  • Manage VM snapshots in a central console
  • Fix broken and inconsistent snapshots with our patent pending technology
  • Track your VMware snapshot history
Check out Snapwatcher in action
“We were impressed by the flexibility and ease of deployment of the virtual appliance and the nearly instant time to value.”
Millie Cruz, Network Administrator, American College of Surgeons

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